Intern Info and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

What accomodations are available on-site?

Interns stay in our Bunkhouse which is a small open trailor with 4 bunk beds, futon and table, and is equipped with a small kitchen with a full-sized fridge and stove. The bathroom and shower is in an adjacent building right next to the bunkhouse, accessible via a short walkway. Wireless internet and cell reception are available in the bunkhouse. There isn’t a washing machine or dryer in the bunkhouse but Hope’s are available anytime for you to do your laundry. top

Does it cost anything to stay in the Bunkhouse?

Accomodations for our interns in the bunkhouse are free of charge. top

What should I bring with me?

We provide bedding, towels, cooking and eating utensils, and a few kitchen staples, so you don't have to worry about any of the basics. Your suitcase should include your clothes (although it is summer be sure to include your rain coat) and toiletries, and maybe some books or electronics to fill your down-time. There is no computer in the bunkhouse, but wireless internet is available. There is also a staff computer in the main barn of the facility that can be used for checking email but please note that the primary purpose of this computer if for work-related use. Interns are also responsible for thie own food. The kitchen is stocked with a few staples and non-perishables but interns should expect to make regular trips to the grocery store and prepare thier own meals in the bunkhouse kitchen. top

What to wear?

We provide scrubs to wear over your own clothes - so shorts/jeans and tee-shirts are great - easy to slip the scrubs over and slip off for lunch (you get pretty messy so it's nice to be able to change out of all that mess before you eat!) For colder/wetter days having a sweater and a jacket can be nice for the outdoor duties. For footwear, a pair of closed-toe shoes (sneakers are fine) and a pair of rubber boots if you have them. We do have extra pairs of boots at the barn but if you already own some, bring them. Your feet can get quite wet hosing out some of the animal units, so rubber boots are good for dry feet! top

Are pets allowed in the Bunkhouse?

Interns are not permitted to bring thier pets with them to live in the bunkhouse, as pets are generally not permitted on HFW property. top

Are meals provided?

The kitchen is stocked with a few staples and non-perishables but interns should expect to make regular trips to the grocery store and prepare thier own meals in the bunkhouse kitchen. The nearest grocery store is about a 15 minute drive, and there is a convenience store within walking distance.

Is a vehicle available for interns to use?

The HFW vehicle is primarily for animal rescue purposes but Interns can borrow it for grocery trips and similar errands. Interns will often carpool with other interns and volunteers - we're a friendly bunch! There is also a bus that runs between HFW and the nearest grocery store, as well as a convenience store within walking distance. top

Is there public transportation?

Hope for Wildlife is on the Halifax Metro Transit route 401 - Porter's Lake Community Transit. Click Here for schedules and route maps. The Google Map above also includes route information. (Be aware that the bus does not run frequently.) top

I am arriving by plane/train - can someone pick me up at the airport/train station?

Yes, we can arrange to pick you up when you arrive at the airport or train station. top

What will my schedule be like?

Your first three days at the rehab will be training days with a supervisor. After you complete your training shifts, you will be scheduled to work 4 or 5 days a week for approximately 40 hours. Shifts are usually 6am to 2pm, or 2pm to 10pm. Your exact schedule will be determined shortly before you start date. top

Do I need my rabies shot?

No you don’t. Rabies in Nova Scotia is almost always only found in bats, so if a bat comes in only someone with their rabies shot will handle them. Otherwise, a rabies shot is not necessary. However, make sure your tetanus shot is updated. top

What will my days off be like?

On your days off you are free to do anything. There are surf shops nearby that offer rentals and lessons, and lots of beaches/lakes in the area. The HFW vehicle can also be used for sightseeing and exploring Nova Scotia, provided you ask before you take it. The bunkhouse has a TV and wireless internet (bring your own computer.) You can also wander over to the rehab or the animal hospital to lend a hand but there’s no expectation for you to. top