Volunteer with the Hope for Wildlife Society

Thank for your interest in volunteering with the Hope for Wildlife Society!

As a non-profit organization, Hope for Wildlife depends on dedicated volunteers to help with all aspects of the organization - from rescue and rehab, to education and fundraising.

All new volunteers are added to a private facebook group. This group acts as a dispatch system for wildlife rescues. Also, other postions such as rehabilitation, education and fundrasing volunteers are recruited from the team.

In order to become a Volunteer, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age (for co-op students ages 16-18, please Click Here)
  • Agree to follow the guidelines outlined in our Volunteer Information package
  • Interact with the public in a professional and courteous manner
  • Have a facebook account so you can join our private dispatch group

All new volunteers will begin as a Rescue Team: LEVEL 1. These pick-ups will mostly be those in which the animal is already contained and ready to be brought in,  or very simple pick- ups requiring little animal handling. You will need to familiarize yourself with our pick-up forms and be able to properly follow our Wildlife Transport Guidelines. You should feel comfortable dealing with members of the public and representing Hope for Wildlife in a professional manner.  

Rescue Team Dispatch
The primary means of dispatch of pending recues and pick-ups will be through the Hope for Wildlife Rescue Team Facebook Group. This is a private group where members can only be added by the group administrator. You will need to submit your Facebook profile name to Hope for Wildlife in order to have your name added to the group and to receive notifications of rescues. Through this system, there is no need to commit to a set schedule - volunteers respond to rescues when available and can communicate easily with each other to coordinate pick-ups from long distances.