Hope for Wildlife TV Series


Hope for Wildlife TV Series


Makes a great gift especially for your binge watchers out there. Every season is here including Season 8 - now available!

Every year, Hope for Wildlife rescues and rehabilitates thousands of injured and orphaned wild animals and returns them to their natural habitat.

In 2009, Arcadia Content, a Halifax-based production company, began filming Season 1 of Hope for Wildlife, which soon became a top-rated series airing in countries around the world. There are eight seasons in total available on DVD.

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Season 1 DVD

"Amazing stories of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation." There's always Hope. Hope for Wildlife is a unique wildlife rehab center on Canada’s east coast. Hope Swinimer and her team rescue, rehabilitate and release more than one thousand injured and orphaned animals each year. This documentary series captures the devotion of veterinarians, volunteers and staff struggling to save every animal they can. The complete Season 1 of Hope for Wildlife includes all 13 one-hour episodes on four DVDs:

1) A New Hope
2) Gala
3) Outfoxed
4) Chase the Seal
5) Foxes in the Henhouse
6) Ester the Moose
7) Copper
8) Outbreak: Part One
9) Outbreak: Part Two
10) A Bright Spot
11) Saying Goodbye
12) Open House
13) Deerly Beloved

Season 2 DVD

“More amazing stories of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.” Fresh Hope. Hope is helping more animals than ever! The founder of Hope for Wildlife rescues more than 1500 injured and orphaned animals each year. Now she’s taking on the city’s stray dogs, too. This documentary series captures Hope for Wildlife’s staff, volunteers and veterinarians in their busiest year ever. Not even international boundaries will stop them from saving every animal they can! The complete Season 2 of Hope for Wildlife includes all 13 one-hour episodes on four DVDs:

14) Hope Renewed
15) Second Chances
16) Chester and Wilson
17) Deer Friends
18) Murder of Crows
19) Call of Duty
20) I Like Turtles
21) Of Beaks and Buckshot
22) Wiley and Sly
23) The Blushing Bride
24) Wasn't That a Party?
25) Hope's Notes
26) Earl, Meet Ralph

Season 3 DVD

“Rescue. Rehabilitate. Release. Repeat.” It's a whole world of Hope! Hope Swinimer rescues, rehabilitates and releases thousands of animals from her home in Nova Scotia. Now she's hitting the road to learn new techniques, make expert contacts and help more animals than ever! The complete Season 3 of Hope for Wildlife includes all 13 one-hour episodes on four DVDs:

27) Hope Springs Eternal
28) BEARS!
29) First Fawns
30) Saving Seals
31) Unlikely Recruits
32) Education & Inspiration
33) Zoli
34) For the Birds
35) Later, Gator
36) Howdy, Hope!
37) Coast to Coast
38) The Hope Flies
39) Letting Go 

Season 4 DVD

“There's no medicine like Hope.“ Hope for the best! This year Hope for Wildlife is full of changes and challenges. Hope's losing a key member of her team and taking on more animals than ever. And Hope's reaching out beyond the rehab- discovering new alliances, species and techniques! The complete Season 4 of Hope for Wildlife includes all 13 one-hour episodes on four DVDs:

40) Hope for Marine Life 1
41) Hope for Marine Life 2
42) Shubie and Kayla
43) Bear Necessities
44) Call Me Maybe
45) Big City Hope
46) Windy City Hope
47) Howl for Nightlife
48) Phases, Stages and Changes
49) Monkey 101
50) Power & Primates
51) The Swan's Song
52) Winter Is Coming

Season 5 DVD

“Where there is life, there is Hope.” Winter used to be quiet but now Hope's patients keep her busy year-round. It's a revolving door of seals, fawns, beavers, eagles and owls - all needing her help. It's so busy, Hope's expanding beyond her little farm. And she's building her new facility just for marine mammals. Hope and her team continue to take their mission of mercy off the farm and on the road- meeting front-line wildlife rescuers around the world. They're helping manatees, badgers and hedgehogs - oh my! More animals and more Hope than ever! The complete Season 5 of Hope for Wildlife includes all 13 one-hour episodes on four DVDs:
53) ???
54) Just Another Day
55) A Very Precious Thing
56) Shot in the Dark
57) The Fox and the 'Hog
58) Home & Abroad
59) Give & Take
60) Day in the Life
61) Open Hearts
62) Hello Beautiful
63) Hope for Humanity
64) Hope for all Seasons
65) Ghost on a wing

Season 6 DVD

“Hope is where the heart is.” Hope’s wildlife rehabilitation centre is outgrowing her little 100 year-old farm.  It’s bursting at the seams with injured and orphaned wildlife: deer, seals, owls, eagles, muskrats, bats and more – and they all need Hope’s help. More animals, more problems and more incredible stories of people helping wildlife! The complete Season 6 of Hope for Wildlife includes all 13 one-hour episodes on four DVDs:

66) Hope for the Best
67) You Otter Know
68) Owl be There
69) May is the New June
70) Surrogate Mothers
71) Brandi New
72) Batten Down the Hatches
73) Lodge and Order
74) Nearest and Deerest
75) Hatching, Catching and Patching Up
76) Breaking Ground
77) Always Open
78) Bat’s All Folks