Ring Raffle Tickets


Ring Raffle Tickets


Hope for Wildlife’s 2nd Annual Ring Raffle! Proceeds from this raffle will help raise funds for animal care and housing, medical supplies, as well as our solar panel project.

For just $20, your name will be entered for a chance to win an Amethyst and Diamond ring valued at more than $10,000!

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1. The Prize consists of one (1) appraised for $10,150 CAD. The prize is offered to the owner of the winning ticket for the Hope for Wildlife lottery draw.

2. The lottery tickets are printed by the administration office at Hope for Wildlife. The tickets will have two (2) parts; the two parts will contain a matching number that is unique to each ticket. The larger part of the ticket will contain the details of the draw along with the unique number, and stay with the purchaser of the ticket. The smaller portion of the ticket will also have the unique number, but remain at Hope for Wildlife. Each ticket will be sold for $20 CAD.

3. The Draw will take place at Hope for Wildlife (5909 Hwy 207, Seaforth, NS) on August 25th, 2019 immediately following the annual Open House event. The drawing of the ticket shall be performed by an independent party who does not work for the Hope for Wildlife Society. The draw will take place in front of a minimum of three (3) witnesses, and be supervised at all times by the licensee(s). The name and contact information of the volunteer drawing the ticket, as well as the information for the three (3) witnesses will be recorded and retained. The draw will also be recorded and shown on Hope for Wildlife's social media pages. The draw will be executed by removing one (1) ticket stub with the unique number on it. The first ticket stub removed will be the winner.

4. The announcement will be immediate and in front of witnesses and viewers on the social media pages. Additionally, the name of the winner along with their unique number, will be posted on Hope for Wildlife's social media pages. Hope for Wlldllfe will use the information gathered at time of purchase to notify the winner directly within 24hours.

5. In order to receive the prize, you must contact the Hope for Wildlife Society on or before Sunday, September 30th, 2019.

6. The winner of the prize agrees that they will join Hope for Wildlife to participate in a publicity advertisement that announces the name of the winner. The winner will not be compensated for such participation. Individual ticket purchasers are solely responsible for their portion of the ticket, and must present their portion to receive the prize.

7. Security of tickets and stubs shall be afforded under the control of the Hope for Wildlife Society. Tickets can be purchased at the Hope for Wildlife Society (5909 Hwy 207, Seaforth, NS), online through links provided on Hope for Wildlife's social media, or directly from the licensee(s). At any given time, Hope for Wildlife will be able to determine how many tickets have been sold and what unique number is on each ticket. The stub of sold tickets will be kept at Hope for Wildlife in a lockable, sealed container; keys to the container will only be accessible to the licensee(s). If the lockable container is opened at any time prior to the draw, there will be written record of it. A minimum of three {3) people shall be present if the container is opened prior to the draw date. Individual ticket purchasers are solely responsible for their portion of the ticket, and must present their portion to receive the prize.

8. Hope for Wildlife volunteers, staff, and their families shall be eligible to purchase lottery tickets in their own name because of the independent nature of the draw, and the

degree of security being afforded the ticket and stub control.

9. The prize is NOT transferrable. non-refundable. and has no convertible cash value.

10. The proceeds of the lottery shall accrue to the Hope for Wildlife Society, a not-for-profit, registered Canadian Charity. Hope for Wildlife shall utilize these funds to support its budget and mandate to assist injured and orphaned wildlife.

11. The Geographic location of the lottery is any and all residents of Nova Scotia that are the age of majority at the time of ticket purchase. Tickets will be sold on-site at Hope for Wildlife (5909 Hwy 207, Seaforth)

12. Minimum age of a participant is the age of majority in their province/territory of residence. No ticket purchased by a minor will be valid in the draw.

13. The nominal cash value of the prize as appraised is $10,150 CAD.

14. The last date and time for qualifying ticket sales shall be 4:01pm, August 25th, 2019.

15. A second draw will be conducted on November 24th, 2019 if the winner of the first draw does not come forward and the prize is unclaimed. If this is necessary, the second draw will also take place at Hope for Wildlife (5909 Hwy 207, Seaforth, NS).

16. House Rules shall be available on the Hope for Wildlife Facebook page, and posted in the education centre and administrative offices at Hope for Wildlife throughout the Lottery license duration.