HOPE TV is Hope for Wildlife's new online TV channel that launches in Spring 2017. Season 8 of the TV series will air there exclusively in March.


Spring 2017 will see the launch of HOPE TV, the place where people and wildlife meet.

At the heart of this subscription-based service, subscribers will have unlimited access to over 400 Hope for Wildlife stories from the TV series with new episodes every week, but there will also be a great collection of other shows. Watch Dr. Barry and his team travel to wildlife rehabs around the world, experience raw rescues with Rehab on the Road, follow wildlife families with live camera shows like Springwatch, see unexpected animal encounters in Wildlife 911, learn about the future of our cities with Rewilding, a how-to series about living with wildlife, enjoy kids' series like Born To Be Wild and Nature Nannies, and much more.

For early access and the latest information about what's happening at HOPE TV, click here to visit.