Every year, Hope for Wildlife participates in dozens of special events as part of our mission to connect people to wildlife in a positive way through knowledge and understanding. 

special events

Inviting Hope for Wildlife to take part in a special event is a great way for participants to learn about wildlife. 

Special events are attended by members of Hope for Wildlife's education team who bring along some of our education animals for event-goers to meet (whenever possible); these animals are permanent residents at Hope for Wildlife for reasons that can be explained by our team members. Background information can also be provided about the organization and the work we do. 

participation Requests

If you would like Hope for Wildlife to participate in your special event, please contact bookings@hopeforwildlife.net or (902) 407-9453.

Please note that Hope for Wildlife can only participate in events within a one-hour drive from our facility in Seaforth; this policy is in place for the welfare of our education animals.