SealS on Land

Seals will often haul themselves onto the shore to soak up the sun and take a rest, sometimes for up to a week at a time. This is even more common during mild winters when there is a lack of sea ice, because the beach becomes the only place to do this. Resting seals should be given lots of space and pets kept away.

Baby Seals

Baby seals are born on land or sea ice, and their mothers leave them there while they return to the water; periodically, they will return to feed their pups.

To determine if a seal pup is in need of help, look for any of the following:

  • open wounds, bleeding, or obvious injuries
  • entanglement
  • discharge from eyes or nose
  • rolls of skin (young seals should be very fat; if there are rolls in the skin it indicates that they are thin
  • mother suspected or confirmed dead