Turtles on Land

Many people assume that turtles should always be in the water, but turtles actually lay their eggs on land.

During the summer months they are often found along roadsides searching for a spot to dig a nest. If you to stop to help a turtle that crossing the street, please keep safety in mind for the turtle, for you, and for other motorists. Make sure your car is safely stopped well off the road and be mindful of approaching traffic. Herd the turtle in the direction it is already going in (if you don't, it is likely that after you are finished, the turtle will turn around and head back out onto the road to continue to the water source or nesting site where it was originally headed).

Be mindful that a snapping turtle can give a painful bite - keep fingers well away and use a stick, broom, or other long tool on hand to herd it.

Turtles with Broken Shells

If you find a turtle with a broken shell, please bring it to your nearest Hope for Wildlife drop-off location.